For security reasons and to adhere to the FMC Rules regarding acceptance of cargo we have implemented protocol for bookings.  You must book your shipment at least 3 working days advance notice.  Once received the operations department  will e-mail you a booking number within 24 to 72 hours.  The terminal address and other pertinent information such as sailing date and voyage number will be provided then.

To deliver your cargo at our terminals "you must get a booking number first" otherwise the cargo will not be accepted at the dock.  To book the cargo and receive a booking number your must fax or e-mail the shipping forms. What is a Cubic Meter?    Shipper Worksheet

You can ship boxes of any size and weight.  We can palletize, shrink wrap and band them together for $65.00 per pallet.  We will measure the final pallet and recalculate your charges based on the quote you received online.  All loose cargo consisting of personal effects must be palletized at our station or prior to receiving. The packing list must be received before the shipment departs.  If  pickup or inland portion of your quote was included, please specify the date and time for your pickup on the shipping forms.  We sail to every destination on a weekly basis but there are some exceptions.



Shipping Via Ocean Container Moving To Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & South America Click Here





After you get a quote online and submit your booking request we will send you a booking confirmation VIA E-MAIL.  The booking confirmation  will confirm the day you have requested for the container to be delivered to the loading address, the sailing date and arrival date along with other pertinent information.

Confirmed quotes will not increase per FMC rules.

The container will be delivered to your specified address on a chassis about 4 feet off the ground. No ramp is provided.  All of our quotes are for a live load ... meaning the truck will wait for 2 hrs free  $100 per hour waiting time after the initial 2 free hours.  If you desire to have the container left for a period of up to 4 days the drayage charge or delivery to your loading area will double.




Once the Container is sent to you to load you will record the container number and the seal number given to you by the driver.  A bill of lading is issued to you via e-mail 1 to 2 weeks after vessel departs.

"DRAYAGE" - Pickup charges shown are a good faith estimate and could vary depending on regional market conditions and address placed on the booking request.

We will rectify those charges if need be and ask for your approval before we issue the booking confirmation.

APX operates from every port in the USA with over 50 inland stations.  We can spot containers in any US city and ship to any destination worldwide.

Our Main HUB is located in a Class A Facility. US Customs and the TSA are located in the same building.  

See HUB Photos and References



For security reasons and to serve you more efficiently, you must get a booking number first otherwise the cargo will not be accepted at the dock.  As a result of the passage of the Homeland Security Act, US Customs officials are enforcing the requirement that information and other shipping documents be received prior to cargo acceptance or loading on the vessel.  Failure to comply may result in your cargo not loading on intended vessel.  If your cargo is valued over $2500 APX will need to file a Shippers Export Declaration (SED) for you. You must provide the operations department the necessary information to complete the SED in a timely manner, otherwise the cargo will not be loaded on the ship.

Required Documents:

Packing List or Invoice
Picture ID.  If the value of your cargo is over $2500.00 we need Social Security Number or Passport  (Passport# will replace SS#)
For Vehicle Export:
Export Power of Attorney
Vehicle Declaration Form
Picture ID - EIN # or Passport - We will show you how to acquire an EIN #

Failure to comply may result in your cargo not loading on intended vessel.  If your cargo is valued over $2500 APX will need to file a Shippers Export Declaration (SED) for you. You must provide the operations department the necessary information to complete the SED in a timely manner, otherwise the cargo will not be loaded on the ship.  We will show you how to acquire the needed information to comply with the SED Requirement. APX will file the SED for you but some data must be provided by you ... the shipper of records.

Transit time from the USA varies from 12 days to 45 days depending on the destination.  If you require our sailing schedule please send your request  via email by replying to the automatic quote generated through our freight-calculator system or send a simple message to or call us and we will be glad to give you the details.  

Other Notes:

Any rates quoted are estimates based on the information provided to us and are subject to confirmation and filing in the relevant carrier tariff where applicable.  These figures are valid for 30 days and are quoted on a  prepaid basis. Booked, filed and confirmed quotes will not increase as per FMC rules.

We confirm online bookings within 24 to 48 hours if door to port and 3 to 7 days for door to door bookings.

REMEMBER! You should reserve your container at least 7 days ahead of time.  To spot the container at your door or dock, please submit online or fax the shipping forms and operations will send you a booking confirmation within 48 to 72 hours.  It takes a minimum of 7 days from receipt of your booking to spot the containers. The booking confirmation will have vessel name, voyage number, loading port, ETD and ETA along with other pertinent information.

1. How do I receive a QUOTE?

AUTOMATIC!  The International Freight Online Shipping Calculators and Quote Generators will give it to you right on your screen.

For AIR CARGO Shipping From USA to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Worldwide Click Here

For Ocean Container Shipping To Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & South America Click Here

For Consolidated Ocean Container From USA Shared Space Cargo Consolidations

2. How Do I Move My Household Goods and Personal Effects Shipments Export From USA?  Do I deliver to APX?

On the FCL quotes we bring the container to your house and pricing is shown on the FCL service as Drayage.  Drayage charges are determined by the distance from the Container Yard or Port.   We can pickup LCL cargo on normal trucks or Lift Gate Trucks for residential pickups. 

Note:  90% of all Household Goods are loaded by the shipper at the shippers address. Sometimes we can receive Household Goods and Personal Effects at our stations but in order to receive them all items must be protected, properly packed and marked.  Nothing can be exposed.  See FCL Warehouse Loading Fees   (No Warehouse Loading fees for LCL EXPORT)

To save time and money 90% of FULL CONTAINER 20/40 Household Goods shippers load our containers at their home on a Live Load basisLive Load simply means the driver will wait until the container is loaded.  Exposed items can be loaded.  You have 2 hrs free to load and $65 to $100 per hour waiting time thereafter depending on the territory in the USA.  You can choose to have our container at your loading address for a maximum of 4 days (drop and pick) Double Drayage will apply. Drayage is the term applied to the activity of picking up an empty container at a rail yard or container yard, driving the empty container to the loading address, and returning the container to the delivery rail ramp or port. Double drayage will be the equivalent of going to and from our Container Yard 4 timesThis charge is shown on your quote.  It may be advantageous to go the extra 2 to 3 hours to load on site versus double drayage. Containers can only be spotted 7 days prior to cut-off date as voyages open gates for releasing and receiving containers only 10 to 12  days prior to sailing.  Containers must be at port 2 to 3 days prior to departure.    

Industrial Shippers normally have dock height loading docks and a live load is sufficient

3. How Do I Book My Shipment?

BOOK IT ONLINE. It reduces the possibility of errors. The information gathered on the online quote will be transferred to the shipping form.  If you wish we can take your order over the telephone of via fax.

FCL Shipping Documents LCL Shipping Document

Air Cargo Shipping Documents  /  RO/RO Document


4. How much in advance do I have to book shipments?

Air Cargo takes 4 to 72  hrs to book and confirm depending on the request and complexity.  Ocean Full Containers (FCL) must be booked at least 7 days in advance.  Ocean Less Than Container Loads (LCL) take 2 hrs to 48 hrs to confirm.  Imports may take up to 4 DAYS to confirm.

5. What is a Freight Forwarder? 

International Ocean Freight Forwarders are agents for the exporter in moving cargo to an overseas destination. We are familiar with:  (Customs Regulations by Country),  the export regulations of the U.S. government,  (Harmonized Tariff of the United States)  (Export Regulations), (Export Documentation) the methods of shipping, and the documents related to foreign trade. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) regulates ocean freight.  All companies offering ocean freight must be licensed by the FMC.

Air Freight Forwarders are licensed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and related agencies in the USA to handle Air Freight.  Air Parcel Express, Inc. (APX) is licensed by the TSA as an Indirect Air Carrier (I.A.C.) to perform air cargo functions from and to USA and  by the FMC as a NVOCC and a Freight Forwarder.

Freight forwarders assist exporters in preparing price quotations by advising on freight costs, port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation, insurance costs, and their handling fees. They recommend the packing methods that will protect the merchandise during transit or can arrange to have the merchandise packed
Packing Supplies /  Pallets Source at the port or containerized List of Terminals in The USA

6. How can I pack my Fragile Goods? + What kind of packing is required?

We recommend U-Line as the best choice for a wide range of packing supplies Crating and Packing. We also recommend you look at the regulations at country of destination Wood Export Regulations at Country of Destination.  If you require more assistance you can find a good resource for approved packing wood at   Pallets Source


7. Do I need to pack everything?

YES if shipping via LCL and No if shipping via FCL, but all furniture for imports to the USA MUST BE PACKED.


8. Do you have any direct phone number that I can talk to you? 

Yes Toll FREE 1-877-597-0258 or 305-597-0258

Air Cargo x 118, Ocean FCL x 102 and 120, LCL x 101

9.  My quote is for 20 foot; do you have anything between 20 and 40 foot?

No.  In such cases GO FOR THE 40!   Less than a 20 ... YES!  LCL

What is a Cubic Meter?    Shipper Worksheet

11. Where and when do I need to deliver the shipment?

You will be given a booking number prior to cargo acceptance.  To get a booking number and the address for the warehouse please submit a booking request online.  In most cases you can deliver within 24 hrs of booking receipt. LIST OF TERMINALS

In both LCL and FCL a formal BOOKING CONFIRMATION will be sent to you via e-mail containing the BOOKING NUMBER and confirmation for the delivery of your container FCL or confirmation on the LAST RECEIVING DATE for a LCL booking.  You must place the booking number on every piece if you are shipping LCL and on any shipping documents you submit such as  Packing List - Invoice


12. Is my export Legal?

These two links will help you determine if your export is unlawful. and       


Thank You! ... We hope to make your shipping an enjoyable experience.


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